Laura Pritchett

About Laura Pritchett

Age 7? Wrote in my diary, "I would like to be a riter someday."

Age 8? Moved from town to a small ranch.

Age 9? It was all books and nature and writing, as far as I remember it.

Childhood? A whole gaggle of us, including raccoons and rabbits and goats and pigs. Newborn calves in our kitchen in the middle of the night, their soft hooves sliding across linoleum as they tried to nurse from Coke bottles filled with milk. Peacocks wandering around, and they also came into the kitchen. There were cats giving birth into our shoes in our closet, and frozen dead animals in the freezer.

First published story? The Sun Magazine.

Favorite color? Blue. Grayblue. Dusk blue. Twilight.

Now? Writing from a little house near the mountains: red foothills and the blue mountains beyond. Dog carrying around a deer bone from a mountain lion kill, chickens kick up grass. Time for a hike.

Enough about me. Now, I'd like to hear from you. My email address is