Laura Pritchett

Home Land: Ranching and a West that Works

Edited by Laura Pritchett, Rick Knight, and Jeff Lee

"Trust me: This is not a collection of essays. It is a string of pearls. This book throbs with the beating heart of the West."
— Ed Marston.

All Americans, whether they live in city or country, whether they lean politically left or right, whether they prize open space for the view or the productive capacity of the land, and whether they know a Hereford from an Angus, should read this book. If you care about the West, you must care about the lands of the West—lands that are disappearing rapidly, along with the people and cultures that go along with it. This book brings together the best writers in the West today—poets, ranchers, and conservationists—in a one-of-a-kind, unique look at the West, literally our Home Land.

Praise for Home Land:

“Here in Home Land are all the reasons rural and urban people need to recall that we both love the same land. Reading the pages of this aptly named book, people who work the land and people who visit it can remember our shared heritage, and see ways we might work together to care for our West. We share the West’s present, and it’s time we started working together on its future.” —Linda M. Hasselstrom

“The future of the working landscapes in the West is at stake; the rest of the West will be a mere facade without them. The publication of this Home Land anthology, with its focus on the sustainability of ranch lands in the region, will go a long way toward moving the discussion and the practice of land stewardship in the right direction. These essays are ‘keepers’; not a one should be culled from the herd.” —Gary Nabhan

Note: all royalties from this anthology are donated to the Colorado Cattleman's Ag Land Trust