Laura Pritchett

Pulse of the River

Of Pulse of the River, Charles Wilkinson writes, "The Poudre now faces all the West's classic wrecking forces -- dams, diversions, and plain neglect -- and they can ruin this life force before we know it. Read Pulse of the River and let these writers take you to their river. My guess it that it will fuel a passion to honor a magical place that needs and deserves our help."

Stephen Trimble writes, "Gary Wockner and Laura Pritchett have skillfully gathered these essays and poems and sent them purling downstream to readers, in hopes that all of us will learn to love this threatened river enough to save it."

George Sibley says, "This is a book with all the blessed diversity of the Cache la Poudre itself, moving through all the wildlands and farmlands, uplands and flatlands of nature and human nature conjoined."

Note: All Royalties are donated to the Colorado Water Trust