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Megan Fishmann
Director of Publicity & Marketing
Counterpoint, LLC / Soft Skull Press
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 318, Berkeley, CA 94710
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Milkweed Editions

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Pritchett in the Media

Selected talks and interviews

The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum:

Adams State Featured Speaker:

Jaipur Literary Festival, 2016:

Jaipur Literary Festival, 2015:

Stars Go Blue Trailer:

Selected essays

New York Times, Modern Love, "No sound, no fury, no marriage"; May 20, 2016.

“An Ode to gardens and dirt,” High Country News, November 2015

“Caregiving: I’ll do it my way,” O Magazine, November 2014, package winner of the ASME Award Elder-Care

“The Best Mango in the World,” Writers on Range, High Country News, July 2015

“Fracking,” Salon:

“The Last Memory,” Tin House, Summer 2014:

“On Killing My Father,” Writer’s Digest: :

 “When the Fires Came for Us,” Salon, July, 2012.